Bachelor of Tourism & Travel Management

Asian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism offers full-time four year degree course on Travel and Tourism Management including an intensive internship as a way for students to gain experience. The Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Management programme provides students with a solid foundation in all facets of the tourism and hospitality industries besides introducing them to the world of business management. This comprehensive programme encompasses a wide range of subjects, that train the students in multi-aspects like Tour designing, Group tour operations, Tourism transportation, Tourism economics, Marketing, Monetary management, Resort management, Hotel and convention management, Hospitality management, Restaurant management and many others.

As Indian tourism industry has been receiving due attention from the government and non-government agencies, AIHT’s travel and tourism degree will help students gain an insight into the real-world setting. They will be equipped with a strong working knowledge of the tourism industry and will productively develop essential management and planning skills targeted towards various fields within the industry. Pursuing a career in this sector offers them endless opportunities in Travel agencies, Airlines, Hotels, Resorts and Banks as tour operators and holiday consultants.

Travel and tourism is the largest and most exciting industry in the world. If you want to travel around the world and still get paid – go right ahead and join our Management course in Travel and Tourism.

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