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Significance of Soft Skills for Making Career in The Hotel Management Industry

Any service industry requires professionals to possess interpersonal qualities since they have to deal directly with the customers. This makes it vital for them to

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Developing Competency to Befit the Growing Field of Hospitality in India

Hospitality industry is among the significant contributors to the growth of service sector in India. It has witnessed an immense rise due to the increasing

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The Growing Ambit of Different Types of Tourism in India

There has been a paradigm shift in the tourism sector over a period of time.In the recent times, India has made a significant mark as

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Hotel Management Skills: Gateway to Seek Benefits Associated with The Industry

Amongst the tremendously growing sectors in India, the field of Hotel Management has established its own significance. This industry is witnessing an upsurge of aspirants

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Increasing Scope of Tourism Industry in India

In the recent times, the field of Travel and Tourism has become a popular choice in India with the advent of practices and policies that

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Making Career in the Food Production and Service Industry

The hotel management industry is associated with various disciplines that contribute to the growth in total. This includes food processing, production and service, housekeeping, front

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Practical Exposure Initiatives for Hotel Management Aspirants at AIHT

Hotel Management industry requires professionals to be endowed with sound knowledge of principles and techniques of different processes. It is, thus, vital for aspiring students

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The Emerging Field of Adventure Tourism

The growth of tourism sector in India has led to the emergence and proliferation of different disciplines in this domain. Amongst others, adventure tourism has

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Significance of Practical Exposure in the Hospitality Industry

The role of education in the modern society has changed significantly. More focus is now being paid upon vocational training rather than just theoretical knowledge.

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Why Hospitality is growing as an Industry and a Professional Career Choice?

Hospitality industry includes services in hotel management and the tourism sector. It is among the fastest growing fields in India and contribute significantly to its

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