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The Growing Ambit of Different Types of Tourism in India

There has been a paradigm shift in the tourism sector over a period of time.In the recent times, India has made a significant mark as a tourist attraction across the globe. This has resulted in the acceleration of promotional policies through which people are encouraged to visit our country for different purposes. This also helps in establishing goodwill of the country on a global level. Different type of tourism requires different skill-sets and methods to deal with the audience.

Those who aspire to build career in this growing and lucrative field must strive to develop the requisite expertise through which they can efficiently deal with the customers. Different types of tourism that is fast gaining popularity in the country includes Adventure, Leisure and Recreational, Cruise, Wellness, Eco, Genealogy, Film, etc. along with the other well-known tourism such as Pilgrimage and Cultural,Business, Medical, Sports and others.

Vocational training plays a vital role in letting aspirants understand the purpose and attributes of different types of tourism. This helps them to accordingly offer services and provide relishing experience to the customers.Asian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism through its travel and tourism management courses aims to offer students a comprehensive platform where they can gain insights on all types of tourism and understand the industry as a whole through practical learning opportunities.

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