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Courses in Hospitality Industry: Learn the Craft of Customer Satisfaction

In India, the culture of ‘Atithi Devobhava’ has led to the tradition of serving guests with delight. Hospitality industry in India is also based on this motto. Since it is a part of service industry, it is based on maximizing customer satisfaction. The more satisfy would be the customer, the more goodwill of the organization would proliferate. This industry includes the domains of hotel management and travel & tourism. Those who wish to build career in this industry must possess strong interpersonal skills along with managerial and technical expertise.

Interested students can take up educational courses through which they can gain insights on industry trends, working environment, requirements and specifications. Asian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism provides its students a dynamic environment through which they can develop qualities eminent to serve customers efficiently. This includes skills of problem solving, analytics, empathy, politeness, confidence, communication, grievance redressal and more. With facilities like in-house restaurants, travel agency and high-end studios for food production, front desk, etc., students here get an opportunity to gain relevant industry exposure.

Practical learning broadens the scope for aspirants by preparing them to face the real industry situations and challenges. This also helps them to develop understanding of human behavior and learn the intricacies with which they must deal with customers.

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