President’s Message

Sandeep Marwah


Marwah Studios is in the business of training personnel in becoming the best informed, responsible and committed professionals with a strong sense of integrity. The enterprise has been extensively involved in promoting media education in Asia through its biggest initiative, Asian Education Group (AEG). It covers Asian Academy of Film & Television, as well as School of Cinema, School of Mass Communication, School of Fashion & Design, School of Animation, School of Advertising and School of Performing Arts functioning under the aegis of Asian School of Media Studies.

AEG stepped into training business management and law education through its now widely recognized Asian Business School, Asian Law College, and Asian School of Business. Following the success and immense popularity of these educational institutions, Asian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism was established by Asian Education Group for imparting professional education and training to the hospitality aspirants for an industry-ready career in Hotel, Travel and Tourism sector.

Being conscious of the huge responsibility we carry on our shoulders, AEG is committed towards imparting systematic education and stellar training to young minds curious to enter the world of hospitality and tourism. We are aware that rendering the industry relevant exposure is equally necessary for preparing students to be excellent professionals in their chosen fields. A balanced education system, of both academic and practical exposure, creates understanding of how various elements of communication, business operations are managed within an organization.

Hospitality and tourism sectors are growing at a faster rate and these are recession proof. Providing lodging, boarding and travel facilities to those who may need them is both a social responsibility and a business proposition. Globalization, the burgeoning Indian population and India’s vast tourism resources and products offer unprecedented opportunities and challenges in these basic need industries with a tremendous potential for gainful employment as well as the nation’s economic well being.

We take pride in introducing Asian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism, which prepares the students to be the leaders in hospitality and tourism sector; to be a good host, guide and facilitator to the local population and the foreigners travelling for a variety of purposes such as business, pleasure, social errands and healthcare. Asian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism will provide standard and high quality holistic education and training in hotel travel and tourism in partnership with the industry. Its impetus is on giving the best talent and well-groomed professionals to the hotel, travel and tourism industries which are growing at a faster rate in this globalized world.

Asian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism provides a professional infrastructure created according to functionality, current trends and adequacy. The robust infrastructural facilities along with highly qualified and experienced faculty create unique synergies and enable 360 degree training to students, right from ideation to the final marketing and dissemination of the product and service.

We welcome you to our prestigious institution and sincerely hope that you might find us the right place to embark on your professional education in the world of media and entertainment.

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