National Federation of Tourism and Transport Co-operatives of India Ltd.


NFTC is an apex organization of tourism and transport co-operatives of India. One of the seventeen national level Co- operative Federations, NFTC is a nodal body established and registered under Multi State Co-operative Societies Act 2002 by the Union Ministry of Agriculture Govt. of India, to nurture and protect the working of the Co-operatives in the transport, tourism and cultural sectors of the country.

India’s transport sector which is large, diverse and somewhat under developed, contributes about 6% to the national GDP. Indian tourism industry-one of the fastest growing in the world-contributes nearly 7% to the nation’s GDP. Both these industries offer great profitable business opportunities as well as challenges to be faced. India’s geographical and cultural diversity provides innumerable attraction for the domestic and foreign tourist. However the tourism infrastructure is somewhat disorganized and under developed and needs attention.

NFTC is committed to the growth and development of transport, tourism and cultural sectors in the 29 states and 7 union territories of the Indian nation. The Federation is receiving patronage 543 members of the Indian Parliament in devising way and means of lending support to the Govt. of India is the growth and development of transport, tourism and cultural sectors.

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