Director’s Message

Dr. Manoj Agrawal

We as Professionals should give the highest priority to the “mentoring” aspect of our profession. Teachers are engaged in foundation building, advancement, and the progress for mankind which in-turn benefits themselves, children and society. Education does not mean only giving meaning to the words, Whatever is learnt in schools and colleges has to be practiced and has to be used for the welfare of the society. That is true education. The foremost goal the modern youth should set before themselves is to sow the seeds of love, rear the plant of forbearance, and distribute the fruit of peace to society through dedicated service. Education can yield peace and prosperity only when, along with technical skills and objective information, students are equipped with more ideals, righteous living, and spiritual insight.

As seniors, role models, celebrities and guides of this glorious profession we all have the responsibility of guiding the young professionals to find the right direction and help them find solutions to career issues. If we have to make the best hands to accept and enter the profession, we need to use mentoring as personal development and empowerment tool. This can be the best method which can increase the popularity with the career potential being realized.

Engage always in good deeds and beneficial activities. Speak the truth and do not indict pain by word, deed, or even thought. That is the highest gain, which you can earn in this life.

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