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Bachelor of Hotel Management

Bachelor in Hotel Management by Asian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism (AIHT) provides students with introduction and practical learning about the business functions related to the operation of hotels and resorts, restaurants and entertainment facilities. This four-year undergraduate programme also trains students to improve profits and integrate new technology to aid in the success of hospitality businesses. The curriculum of bachelor programme in hotel management focuses on hotel administration and hospitality but could be expanded to culinary arts, cruise ship operations and casino operations.

Asian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism ranks high among the selective hotel management colleges in Delhi NCR. The full-time hotel management degree programme emphasizes the importance of problem-solving skills by coaching the students on certain technical aspects of hotel management, such as Customer service management or Information technology in business. AIHT has a well-developed network of industry associations in India where its students can gain substantial work experience. Students enrolled under this programme can gain first-hand experience by visiting hotels or by participating in internships.

Hotel management courses give students the opportunity to learn about management, operations, marketing and sales aspects of hospitality establishments. They get to study topics such as research and critical thinking, team building, strategic planning, marketing and budgeting. With an eclectic mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, AIHT assures all the students of a holistic educational experience. Do not wait long. Check out our Bachelor programme in Hotel Management right now!

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