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Work Process At Asian Institute of Hospitality & Tourism

Students at Asian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism  are prepared for the competitive world outside. They are developed overall; be it personality, skill or knowledge. Here they are given exposure in the form of industrial visit, industrial training, master classes, seminars, fests etc. the passionate faculty at Asian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism  focuses not only  on knowledge share but also on educating them by developing skill, by making them a good citizen, overall growth, and even business ethics. Here they are prepared for the big world outside.

Hotel management and Tourism management both have 4 lectures per day and have 5 days working, in which hotel management students have 3 days of practical and tourism students are taken for visits on regular intervals. The student’s timetable is such that while sharpening their skill and knowledge they are  involved in recreational activities like in-house table tennis, foosball, meditation, carom etc. Fests and competitions are held at regular intervals so that they can get exposure, moreover they can showcase their skill, knowledge and talent to the world. They are also acknowledged with various rewards and prizes so that the zeal within them is always at the peak.

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