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International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry

ICMEI is a representative business organization for the Media and Entertainment Industry in India and other countries. It plays an important role in bridging the gap between the Industry and the Government by ensuring a focused involvement of both towards the commercial welfare. It oversees the governmental policies and the legislation that will facilitate the latest infrastructure, financial assistance and business facilities to the industry. Established with the intent to develop and promote the growth of media and entertainment industry in India and other countries worldwide, the Chamber has created 162 international committees and 80 national committees. With offices in 100 countries across the world, ICMEI provides a common platform for the members of the media industry to come forth and exchange ideas originating from different cultures of these countries.

The Indian Media & Entertainment Industry has a turnover of more than Rupees One Trillion and is expanding by 12.5% every year. This industry comprises of print, radio, television, music, advertising, fashion, gaming, visual effects, events, concerts, social media and has no chamber to look after its growth and promotion. ICMEI has been created to fill this void and look after this industry and its association with all the countries of the world for achieving international cooperation, peace and prosperity.

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