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Chairman’s Message

Sandeep Marwah

Chairman’s Message

Asian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism is yet another initiative of Asian Education Group for imparting professional education and training following the success and immense popularity of its School of Cinema , School of Mass Communication, School of Fashion, School of Advertising, School of Fine Arts and School of Animation functioning under the aegis of Asian School of Media Studies, as well as Asian Business School.

Providing lodging, boarding and travel facilities to those who may need them is both a social responsibility and a business proposition. Hotel, Travel and Tourism industries are growing at a faster rate and these are recession proof. Globalization, the burgeoning Indian population and India’s vast tourism resources and products offer unprecedented opportunities and challenges in these basic need industries with a tremendous potential for gainful employment as well as the nation’s economic well being.

Asian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism will prepare the students to be the leaders in Hotel, Travel and Tourism industries; a good host, guide and facilitator to the local population and the foreigners travelling for a variety of purposes such as business, pleasure, social errands and healthcare etc. Asian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism will provide standard and high quality holistic education and training in hotel travel and tourism in partnership with the industry.

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